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About Crowd CMS - Our .Net MVC CMS Solution

Open Source

The intention is to fill a gap in the market between those Open Source (mostly webform based) .Net frameworks and the Super Expensive not so open source frameworks available. Our existing CMS (built using Classic ASP), has stood us proud for several years with our modest number of clients who are more than happy with the simple interface and idiot-proof intuitiveness.

So we're basically re-building it in .Net MVC and intend to make Crowd CMS available to everyone.

It's a fully functional product that we are proud of but there is always work to be done to improve and extend it.  If you are interested in our ideas for the future, check out our development path.

Whilst hunting for a new CMS framework it became apparent that there were few MVC based .Net CMS platforms available on the market, and of the ones that are currently out there, very few that were either affordable or particularly user-friendly (for our clients that is) and were trying too hard to do everything.

Say "No!" to WebForms

We decided against webforms because the HTML output is very messy, and chose against the Open Source frameworks available because they were clunky. So, being the idiots that we are we decided to build Crowd CMS. In fact it's so futuristic it's like having Doctor Zoidberg, Mister Spock, Chewbacca and Sheldon all in the same spaceship.

About Hostpipe

Crowd CMS has been created by Hostpipe; we are a web design agency based in Stroud, Gloucestershire (in the UK). We've been in business since 2004 providing web design, development, CMS, eCommerce solutions and web applications to over 150 clients. We are proud of each and every website that we have built and are looking to extend our legacy further via Crowd CMS.


We love collaborative projects, so if this is something you would like to be a part of, then we would love to hear from you. Likewise if you just want to buy Crowd CMS once it's been built even better...that isn't quite like what we meant, but you know what we mean, hopefully!

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